Riverside Raven

While taking a brief walk paralleling Indian River today, I observed a raven along the opposite shore walking along the edge of the water. It was headed downstream, periodically poking its beak into places, but I could not tell what it was getting. Another raven landed in a branch above the first and made some noises at it, but other than puffing up its feathers a bit, the first raven seemed to pay not attention to the other one. After some distance, the raven flew across to the side of the stream I was on and continued following the shore line downstream. At one point it passed a short distance from where I was standing just inside the trees. Perhaps deciding it would prefer to be further away from me, it flew back across to the opposite shore and kept making its way further downstream. I would guess that it was getting food, but I do not know what kind of food it would be finding. I wonder if ravens need to eat gravel to help grind food. I know some birds do, but I have never thought about whether a raven would.

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