Remains of a Bird

While on a walk today, I noticed a two or three feathers and thought that it seemed odd to find them there. As I looked around, I noticed more and more feathers and it occured to me that perhaps a bird had died in the area and its feathers had been blown about or moved … Read more

Riverside Raven

While taking a brief walk paralleling Indian River today, I observed a raven along the opposite shore walking along the edge of the water. It was headed downstream, periodically poking its beak into places, but I could not tell what it was getting. Another raven landed in a branch above the first and made some … Read more

Some Bird Observations

Yesterday afternoon I put Connor in his backpack and went for a walk down to the beach and then around Totem Park. Near the hatchery we saw two common merganzers, a male and a female. Earlier in the week I had seen an additional male, and I wondered if it was still hanging about somewhere. … Read more

Trumpeter Swans

I had heard and seen pictures of trumpeter swans wintering along the shore near town, but had not seen them until yesterday. A pair of them flew a few circles around the Sheldon Jackson quad in the afternoon when I was walking home. I am not sure why they were doing that, but I could … Read more