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Colder Weather and a Marbled Godwit

Rowan and I spent some time looking for birds today, including in the Channel, out at Starrigavan, and then at the Turnaround (we had also intended to check out John Brown’s Beach but the gates onto the Coast Guard base … Continue reading

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Gulls on the Ramp

A slightly less hectic day, I did have a meeting over at UAS for a project I’ve been working on. Since I now have a working bicycle again, I thought it would be good to take it rather than drive … Continue reading

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Dropping Snow and Sun

When I checked the forecast this morning, it called for rain showers, mostly before noon. However, when I looked around outside, it seemed pretty nice. On my way to a walk around Totem Park, I noticed the snow levels had … Continue reading

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Trip to Ataku

I was invited to tag along on a boat trip to Ataku Island, location of a WWII era lookout bunker and home to some cranberries our boat captain had noticed on a trip earlier this year. Located near Biorka Island … Continue reading

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Sunset from O’Connell Bridge

It was a sunny and reasonably warm day, and though I was tempted to take Rowan out for a hike somewhere, we ended up staying home and taking care of some tasks that have been waiting. A little over a … Continue reading

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Indian River Walk

Rowan and I went for a walk along Indian River this morning. She was motivated to look around by a third-hand report I got a few days ago of someone seeing newts in the little streams by the second bridge. … Continue reading

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