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Surprising Maple Tree

I have no idea how many times I’ve walked the trail along the river at Totem Park over the past several years. I’m sure it’s probably well over one hundred, but for some reason it wasn’t until one such walk … Continue reading

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Cloudberry Flowers

Over the years, I’ve noticed that even though sometimes cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus) plants are common in a muskeg, there might not always be any fruit. At some point along the way I learned that male and female flowers are on … Continue reading

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Afternoon Walk

Thursdays are days when I have calls, and as a result I spent a good chunk of today occupied with them and did not feel like I spent too much time outside. I did go for a walk this afternoon … Continue reading

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Comparing Leaves

On a recent walk up Harbor Mountain, I was reminded (by doing it) that I sometimes mistake Geranium (Geranium erianthum) leaves for monkshood (Aconitum delphiniifolium). Strangely, I don’t recall ever making the mistake in the other direction, which is probably … Continue reading

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Blueberry Wilt

On a recent walk to the park, I noticed several blueberry bushes that had dead flowers and dying leaves at the end of the new growth. At first I thought they were related, but then I realized the flowers were … Continue reading

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Harbor Mountain Walk

Another sunny day, though this one seemed include a lot of smoke/haze, probably blown over from the forest fires that have been burning in South Central Alaska. Today was the first day the third gate on Harbor Mountain road was … Continue reading

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