Oak Leaves

I don’t remember ever seeing an oak tree growing around Sitka, but last fall I started noticing oak leaves blowing around the neighborhood. At first I was not sure whether my impression was correct, but I confirmed it with someone who knows about such things, and now I’m curious where the oak tree is. As the winter has worn on, I periodically notice the leaves laying where the wind has blown them, and today I decided to take a picture of some that had ended up at the edge of my yard. Perhaps when the leaves are out later in the year, I’ll walk through the neighborhood in search of the oak.

Warm temperatures continued today, though not quite as warm as yesterday. The ridge affecting pretty much the entire west coast pushed up into our area, perhaps a bit further than expected – I don’t really know. It was interesting to see the fairly clear skies to the south (it seems like more often, it’s clouds in the south or southeast, with clear skies in the north). It took longer to reach 50 today, I think maybe it didn’t happen until after the sun set, and this evening it was still in the 50s, even though I could see stars out. It’s been an interesting winter, for sure.

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