Mild Winter Weather

It was another mild winter day. Though temperatures were officially in the upper 30s, I never noticed the ground softening. The sun was partially obscured by a layer of clouds to the south, while to the north I could see blue skies. There were some interesting cloud formations that I noticed this morning especially, but unfortunately didn’t really have time to stop and a take a picture, and of course they were gone by later in the day.

I walked across the bridge this afternoon for class, but left enough time to walk over by the airport. Connor had seen a Horned Lark and American Pipit when he was there earlier, but I didn’t find them during my short stay. I did notice a Belted Kingfisher making a call that I think may have been a mild alarm or agitation at a raven flying over.

The full moon tonight was shining nicely through the persistent layer of clouds. I guess the clouds are just the edge of a low pressure that’s south of here, but not able to push through the high pressure that’s come out of the Yukon.

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