Daily Observations

Juvenile Starling

Weather: This morning there was a low overcast/fog but it started breaking up around 11am with clearing skies throughout the afternoon. There was a light breeze, though I did not notice the direction.

Birds: I saw some juvenile European Starlings on the campus lawn. I think they are some that were raised in nests on campus. I am not sure how long it takes starlings to fledge, but I remember seeing nest building activities taking place in March.

Though they are not there all day, I did observe a fair number of ravens still on the campus lawn.

This evening the Swainson’s Thrushes were actively singing around the neighborhood.

Other Notes: The white butterflies are getting to be more abundant.

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I am an aspiring naturalist who seeks to learn all that I can about the more-than-human aspects of this place that is my home.
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