Daily Observations

Picking Dandelions

Melissa and Connor left on the late morning flight south, so Rowan and I had much of the day to ourselves. On the way home from the airport we stopped at Alice Island and went for a bit of a walk. Rowan had a lot of fun picking the abundant dandelions growing there.

Weather: It started out partly cloudy and remained that way through early afternoon. By mid afternoon the clouds started stacking up on the mountains and we experienced some light rain in town.

Birds: The Wilson’s Warblers and Yellow Warblers seem to have moved on, for the most part. I have not seen them as much around the house nor did there seem to be many on Alice Island, though we did not walk all the way around.

There were two Fox Sparrows and one Orange-crowned Warbler that I did see on Alice Island. There was also a fair number of gulls, most of them juveniles, along the west shoreline of the island. It was not clear to me what drew them there.

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