Raven and Crows

Crow Attacks Raven
Crow and Raven Conflict

I heard the crows sounding a little agitated while working in the home office today. I looked out the window and saw a couple of crows speeding over to where the cawing was coming from. I know that crows are known to mob raptors at times, and I thought I might get a chance to see a hawk or an owl.

When I got close enough, I saw a few crows cawing at a Raven. Before long, one of the crows started diving at the raven repeatedly. I was called away by family matters before the conflict ended, so I am not sure how long it lasted or how it ended. I am also not sure why the crows were taking offense at the raven. I had heard substantial crow activity in the same area over the last couple of days, but I do not know if it was related to this incident or not. Perhaps there is a crow nest in the trees that the raven was getting too close to, or maybe the raven just looked like an unsavory character to this group of crows. The things that seemed clear were the crows were upset about the raven, and whichever crows started it called in the reinforcements.

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