Flume Fish

A few days ago Melissa, Connor, and I walked along the flume during a morning stroll. I noticed there were fish swimming about that looked like they were about 6-10 inches long. This seems large for salmon fry, so I wonder if they were salmon that did not migrate to the ocean or maybe trout.

Weather Observations

This morning it looked like the snow level was about the same as yesterday (below 2000 feet). By noon the snow level had dropped and it was snowing in town. The snow was not accumulating on the ground, however. It appeared that snow was accumulating in the trees at around 200 feet elevation. The forecast … Read more

Winter Wren

I have seen winter wrens flitting about in the brush all winter. I have also frequently heard them making a short chirping call. This morning, for the first time this year, I heard them singing. I wonder if this means they are getting ready to defend territory, win mates, and nest.

Weather Observations

After a few days of sunny moderate weather in the 40’s, it has gotten cloudy, cooled off a bit and is now rainy. Today was one of only a handful this winter where snow could be seen on the trees along the whole of Gavan Ridge. It appears the snow level is below 2000 feet, … Read more

Dipper Song

I wanted to see if there was another gathering of merganzers this evening, so late in the afternoon I headed down to the river. When I reached the river, I heard a dipper signing. I have heard the song on at least half of my visits to the river, so this was not out of … Read more

Merganser Gathering

Around sunset Melissa, Connor and I went for a walk down to the beach. It was only a little after the low tide so there was plenty of beach to walk on. We made our way to the park and walked through it to get to the Indian River estuary. Perhaps due to the fact … Read more