Piper Island Cabin

I’m headed to Piper Island Cabin for the weekend. It’s about 30 miles northwest of Sitka in Fish Bay. Based on the weather reports I have seen lately, there should be a fair bit more snow there than there is here. Hopefully I will have a chance to do a little hiking and/or exploration.

Weather Change

The high pressure system that has extended over the area for the last few days is finally being replaced by a lower pressure system moving in from the southern Gulf of Alaska. Originally the clear and cold temperatures were only supposed to last a couple of days, but they ended up persisting for about a … Read more

Weather Observations

This morning it looked like the snow level was about the same as yesterday (below 2000 feet). By noon the snow level had dropped and it was snowing in town. The snow was not accumulating on the ground, however. It appeared that snow was accumulating in the trees at around 200 feet elevation. The forecast … Read more

Morning Weather

It is partly cloudy and cool this morning. It looks like there may have been some fresh snow above 3000 feet in the last couple of days, but it was hard to say for sure as the peaks were still partially covered by clouds. The sky looks overcast out over the ocean, and I expect … Read more