Medvejie Lake

Some students had been planning to spend Thanksgiving weekend camping at Camp Lake and one of them invited me to come up and visit if I wanted. That got me thinking about going to Medvejie. It’s been over a year since I last went there, so I thought it would be good to head out … Read more

Harbor to Gavan Hike

Wanting to take advantage of reasonable weather and the fact that Connor and Rowan’s grandma was here to watch them, Jonathan and I decided to hike the Harbor Mountain to Gavan Hill trail. We got a ride up Harbor Mountain Road and started up the trail head around 12:45. The snow had mostly melted off … Read more

Disappearing Snow

Although Mt. Edgecumbe looked like it had a fair covering of snow for most of the winter, the last few days of warm weather have shown how little depth there actually was. My recollection is that in most years there is snow completely covering most of the mountain above timberline well into the late spring … Read more

Piper Island

The trip to Piper Island was a little shorter than planned due to the weather forecast, although I did have a good time for the night it lasted. Took some pictures of various animal tracks in the snow. Will probably write a couple of entries about it later.