The paper last night mentioned that someone had called in a report of a bear getting into garbage. That’s the first sighting of a bear around town this year, so perhaps they are just starting to wake up from hibernation.

Return of the Robins

Last week I thought that I heard a robin, but I did not see any. Today while Melissa, Connor and I were walking down at the park, we saw a couple of robins. Robins do not normally winter in Sitka and I have not seen any around before today, so I assume these have made … Read more

Blueberry Blossoms

With the warmer weather over the last week, the blueberry blossoms are really making more of a showing. Unfortunately, many of them are brown and dried up at the opening. I think this is due to damage from being frozen after opening up before the cold spell a couple of weeks ago. I suspect this … Read more


Despite the cold, the spring flowers seem to be doing okay. I saw a daffodil getting ready to bloom. It was not open yet, but the yellow was showing. I imagine that the next time it warms up enough, it will open up.

A Hint of Spring

It has been a mild winter here this year. There has only been one signficant (>1 inch) snowfall in town so far. On only a few days has the snow level dropped below 2700 feet (estimated by observing the fresh snow on the mountains). Despite this atypical warmth, it has still felt like winter. Part … Read more