Migration is On

I’ve been checking the radar, but tonight is the first I’ve seen in a while where there isn’t significant rain throughout the area. Migration is definitely on – I’m not sure what flight volume is represented by the radar reflectivity, but clearly there is stuff in the air headed south along the coast of Baranof … Read more

A Rough Fall?

This fall and early winter it has seemed like few days on the water very nice, and as a result I’ve been thinking that this year’s weather/sea state has been worse than last year’s which, for some reason, I remember as being reasonably mellow. After commenting on this, I decided to look up the buoy … Read more

Fall Returns

This entry is part 106 of 133 in the series 2011 Photojournal

The last couple of weeks have seen many signs of fall – termination dust on the mountain peaks, high numbers of migrating sparrows (accompanied by a few lingering warblers), the few clear nights bring chilly mornings with frost covered ground, and there are patches of color. There are some trees that have been planted around … Read more

Fall Light

This time of year the sun is starting to retreat less rapidly than it did near the equinox, but the cumulative effect of the season really starts to become obvious. The sun is setting a little after 5pm (and we haven’t even switch the time back yet), and even when it is up, it does … Read more