Spring Birds and Other Observations

Overcast with light rain at times. The sun broke out for a bit later in the afternoon.

I walked to and around the park this morning.

On Park Street I heard what I think was a European Starling doing a very passable Fox Sparrow imitation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my recorder out fast enough to record the full song imitations.

The tide was falling, but was not very low yet when I arrived.

Hundreds of Surfbirds and Black Turnstones roamed the shoreline out near the end. I estimated at least 20 Rock Sandpipers in the mix and quite likely more.

One Greater Yellowlegs worked the riverside, but I did not spot any other shorebirds.

After the park I walked to Swan Lake.

Perched on a utility wire along DeGroff street, a Dark-eyed Junco sounded like it needed to be reset.

Swan Lake had two Northern Shovelers. The lone Trumpeter Swan remains.

I met up with Kitty and we went out to Starrigavan. It was quiet there on our walk around the estuary.

A couple of people were fishing right below the road/footpath bridge. Looking down into the water we could see several fish. They appeared to be the size of chum salmon, and distinctly larger than pink salmon. I would have guessed they were steelhead, but the person fishing said there was both steelhead and dolly varden.

Later we went to Green Lake road and walked about a mile out. Lots of bees were buzzing about. Some of the plants showed freezing damage.

Things seemed to be greener out here than I’ve noticed elsewhere. It’s making me think I should get ibuttons set up out this way.

I ended up hearing/seeing two or three Rufous Hummingbirds, including one that perched long enough for me to get a photo.

I was going to rest at home, but got a message about a Sandhill Crane at Starrigavan.

It was just a flyover, and had apparently headed towards golf course, so I decided to head out and take a look.

I looked at golf course and didn’t see anything, so went down to Halibut Point Rec.

The sun was out and it felt pleasant on the beach without any significant wind.

I saw some shorebirds and decided to see what they were. I got to where I could just tell they appeared to be Surfbirds and Black Turnstones only to have them all take off.

A Peregrine Falcon streaked by in pursuit. It gave chase briefly before pealing off and flying away without success (at leat as far as I could tell).

I went back up to the golf course and walked to the pond.

On my way I heard geese calling. It took me a while to find them in the sky (they may have been behind a cloud), but finally saw a flock of hundreds high up.

As I was approaching the pond I heard a frog (maybe two) croak a few times. Then they went quiet.

I did see one Orange-crowned Warbler.

Ultimate this evening had enough people to play six on six for much of the time.

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