Starrigavan Estuary

After the steadier rain of Wednesday, Thursday’s pattern shifted to more showery conditions. As the day went on, the sun broke through a few times, but the trade off was especially heavy showers at times. This lasted into the night, and the snow level dropped to around 2000 feet.

This morning it was mostly cloudy with larger patches of blue sky. Yesterday’s heavy showers were absent, and by late after noon it seemed pleasant (if a little chilly).

I spent much of the day inside (at least somewhat productively), and this evening decided to take a walk around Starrigavan Estuary before heading to the store.

It was fairly quiet at the estuary, though we did hear and see two Greater Yellowlegs, the first I’ve seen this spring (though others have reported them).

I’m not a big fan of how much trimming they’ve done along the Estuary Life Trail. Apparently someone decided the full estuary should be viewable from most of the boardwalk, and shrubs, branches, and trees were all cut way back. This started last fall and seemed to have a negative effect on the wintering bird habitat. They’ve also removed a lot of vegetation from places I’m pretty sure birds have nested previously. More personally, I also preferred the feeling of isolation at the benches where you could look out over part of the estuary, but other walkers on the boardwalk were less visible (and less able to see you) while you were sitting. Now most of the benches are right out in the open, and I have less feeling of solitude.

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