Late Afternoon Skies

Winds today were down significantly from yesterday. It did get a bit breezy in the afternoon, but there was nothing going on like had been at Silver Bay yesterday.

I went for a walk mid-day, then checked out the sunset. Photos from the walk were all associated with iNaturalist observations for the day. While I was down at Crescent Harbor, I was reminded of a prior idea to inventory everything (non-marine) that lives on the breakwater there. I don’t really know, but suspect it would be difficult to come up with 100 species, but I don’t know. The biggest challenge might be getting the various crustose lichens identified.

While I was on the breakwater, I noticed a Song Sparrow, which I’ve seen out there before. They also live out on the docks at Eliason Harbor. It occurred to me there is probably very little in the way of seeds out there, and I wondered if their diet consists primarily of food from the beach (intertidal).

The sky was perfectly clear to the horizon, but there was no green flash to speak of. It was interesting to see how much further north the sun is setting only two and a half weeks after winter solstice. I’ll try to write a post soon with some side-by-side photos that show the change.

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