Spring Showers

Showers were on the weather menu today, some of the quite heavy. They got started last night with an especially heavy one around midnight. Most of them during the day were not too heavy, and between them the sun would often break out.

I did not spend too much outside today – having work to do (and feeling extra tired, though I’m not entirely sure why). I did notice a leaf hopper on a strawberry leaf. It’s one I’ve seen before (Idiocerus couleanus). I tried to take some pictures but am not yet sure if they turned out (if they did, they’ll appear with this post at some point). While I was trying to hold the leaf steady, it crawled up on my finger and then flew away.

It sounds like a pair of Merlins are getting ready to nest up in the vicinity of Thimbleberry Lake again this year (C.S. shared this observation – he had kept track of the last summer).

Connor said Semipalmated Plovers were down at the park this morning. Still a fairly slow year (again) for shorebirds. I’m not sure if it’s the warmer spring or lack of herring spawn along the road system.

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