Gavan ibuttons

The Gavan ibuttons were overdue for a data download, so a friend and I spent the better part of the morning on a walk to take care of them. The weather was pleasant for walking, light overcast with comfortable temperatures. The older gravel section at the start of Gavan Hill seems to have had an … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #107 – Karen Blejwas

Download Radio Show The 29th of May show featured a conversation with Karen Blejwas, of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. She has been coordinating a project involving citizens monitoring bat activity in several communities around Southeast Alaska. We talked about some of what is known (and not known) about bats and their biology, … Read more

Starrigavan Valley

While my dad was here for a short visit, I thought it would be interesting to go up to see the Starrigavan landslide with him. Overcast skies hung over the mountain tops, but we did not experience any significant rain while out. There were relatively minor changes to the washed out section of ATV trail … Read more

Evening at Swan Lake

Yesterday was a fairly wet day, and I did not get out too much. Today started that way as well, though by early evening, the clouds had started to break up and the sun came out. I spent some time down at Swan Lake this evening and saw two male Blue-winged Teal, the lone Trumpeter … Read more

Birding with Visitors

I spent much of the day birding with Bill and Eileen, birders from Australia who had a few hours in town off the cruise ship (who had contacted me some time back about going birding). I met them downtown this morning (Bill told me that they would be easy to recognize, as the only birders … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #106 – Jennifer Purcell

Download Radio Show The 15th of May show featured a conversation with Jennifer Purcell from Western Washington University. She has studied jellyfish around the world and was in town as part of the Scientist in Residence Fellowship program at the Sitka Sound Science Center. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please … Read more