Pastel Sunset

With our rapidly increasing daylight, sunset wasn’t until nearly 8:30 this evening. It was one of those sunsets where much of the western half of the sky is illuminated in pastel pinks and purples. I especially like how the more closer puffy cumulus clouds contrast with the more distant stratus layer. The darker purples of the bulk of the cloud fading to almost neutral, offset by the deeper pinks and purples in the background.

Weather the last couple of days has been showery, with yesterday having much more sun between showers than today. Temperatures have been a little on the cool side (for this year, I mean – it’s probably around normal for the time of year). I’ve noticed some light snow even down a bit on the middle Sister, but it does not look like much is falling there.

The first trickle of shorebirds seems to be arriving. There was a Dunlin in the estuary at the park this afternoon. There are still quite a few gulls around, but not nearly as many has there had been, and the ones that remain seem to have a much higher proportion of immature birds.

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