Sunny Update

When I last posted a week ago, we were in the middle of some stormy weather and finishing up a very wet month. The airport did end up getting over 17 inches for the month, but as forecast, the sun showed up as we finished the week, and there’s been some very nice sunny and relatively cool nights and warm days since. With so little sun in September, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did not frost at all. In any case, the first frost I saw was last Friday.

The reprieve from fall rains appears to be over starting tomorrow, with over an inch of rain forecast for Thursday.

Not much to report for birds over the past week, but I got a couple of reports about an Osprey. The first report was from the end of Silver Bay near the Green Lake outfall. A couple of days later another report of one from Salmon Lake, so I wonder if they were the same bird. Osprey are not reported every year from Sitka, but I suspect they move through in small numbers, especially in the Fall.

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