Sunny Spring Day

The slow shorebird migration continued today – on my walk around Totem Park starting late this morning and ending up early in the afternoon, I only saw a few peeps flying around (but never saw them on the beach) and heard some Black Turnstones across the bay. It probably did not help that it was high tide. I once again saw the ~30 Common Mergansers with a Red-breasted Merganser or two mixed in. In the forest I heard the Red-breasted Nuthatch, but again was not able to locate it. However, I did see two Brown Creepers working their way up trees, which was nice to spend a few minutes watching. There were stil

Rowan showed me the Song Sparrow nest on Finn Alley she had seen the fledgling fly out of. It remained empty, and Rowan did say the bird she saw had downy feathers on its head still. Connor was able to see a Dark-eyed Junco nest that has taken up residence in the rafters of a friend’s porch (they live around the corner for us).

Weather was mostly clear, with some clouds over some of the mountains. Although it was basically sunny while on my walk, I did notice a sprinkle coming from the cloud billowing over Verstovia. There was a light breeze out of west as I walked around on the beach. Temperatures were cool this morning, but they warmed up into the 50s this afternoon. The forecast is for more of the same for the first half of the week.

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