Raven Radio Show #39 – Joseph Cook

Download Radio Show The 27 October show featured a conversation with Joseph Cook, who has been spending time in Sitka as part of the Sitka Sound Science Center Scientist in Residency Fellowship. We talked about mammals in Southeast Alaska and some of the geographical characteristics of Southeast Alaska an interesting and important place to study … Read more

Starrigavan Estuary

It was Rowan’s turn to pick where we went for the day’s outing, and since both she and Connor wanted to go with friends to the kids carnival at Blatchley Middle School after lunch, she picked a walk around Starrigavan Estuary. Weather was decent – just a light mist or rain when it rained at … Read more

Wood Duck

I got a call from Lucy P. this morning to tell that she was looking at a likely female Wood Duck at the upper end of Swan Lake and ask me if I wanted to try and get a picture. I got my stuff together and got over there as quickly as I could. Though … Read more

Raven Radio Show #38: Richard Nelson

Download Radio Show The 13 October show featured a conversation with Richard Nelson. We talked about some of the travels he’s done in the past year, as well as an interesting sound recording project that he worked on in Glacier Bay this summer. For more recordings made as part of that project, see Hank Lentfer’s … Read more

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Yesterday Liz McKenzie noticed an unusual bird coming to the feed she puts out, looked it up and discovered it appeared to be a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. As far as I can tell, this species has never been documented (or maybe even reported) in Sitka prior to the photos she took. Liz was kind enough to … Read more