Signs of Spring

Wintery weather has returned for much of the past of week or so. Snow fell early this week and changed to cold rain for the last couple of days (today accompanied by a stiff SE wind reminiscent of a fall blow). Despite such conditions (which make spring seem so far away), there have been some signs of the changing season.

Of course we’re gaining about 5 minutes a day of light. That’s a little less obvious when heavy overcast is making things dim, but the cumulative effect is hard to ignore. More subtly, I’ve noticed the buds on plants swelling pretty good. Last week there were some fuzzy buds coming out on willows. Today was the first time I really noticed obviously pale salmonberry buds (these were along the Japonski side of O’Connell Bridge). I’m pretty sure some of the elderberry buds were getting on as well.

I see that in 2005 on this day I reported noticing blueberries in bloom. I suspect it will be a while yet before they’re blooming this year – interesting how much variability there can be.

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