Sit Spot Challenge Day 11

See Sit Spot Challenge at for more about the challenge.

Time of sit: 9:20-9:40pm

A busy day led to another late sit. Although the day light is extending ever further into the evening hours, it was easily dark by the time I settled in. I could see the city lights reflected off low clouds to the west. A rain shower moved through about half way through my time. All three neighbors had at least some activity during the 20 minutes I was observing.

The highlight of the sit was probably the (presumed) beetle I noticed crawling in front of on the the cement. I noticed the motion on the ground – really just a moving shadow and glint of reflection from the street light. It moved up from the gravel to the pavement that extends in front of the steps. When it stopped at a shallow puddle for a time I was uncertain whether it was doing something in the water or merely trying to figure out how to get where it wanted to go without getting in over its head. A couple minutes later I lost track of it when one of the neighbors drove up, and I did not find it again.

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