Indian River Walk

I took a wander up along Indian River today. Highlights included noticing Montia parvifolia for the first time on Indian River (after previously seeing it elsewhere – seems like it might not be too unusual, but I’ve just overlooked it) and a different looking bolete-type mushroom not too far up the trail. There was some … Read more

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

At SFO reflecting on another enjoyable Wildlore weekend and hoping to catch an earlier flight out (with the chance of getting home tonight). # Just got back from a lunch that included dungeness crab and beach asparagrus, both harvested on this morning's -3ft tide. Tasty. # Going through a night recording looking for interesting sounds/calls. … Read more

Beach Asparagus (Sarcocornia perennis)

We went with the Nuttings to a nearby area to look for some crab. I ended up wandering up to where I found a good-sized patch of beach asparagus (Sarcocornia perennis). After taking some pictures, I harvest a bit that we ate steamed with the crab this evening.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

Is going on a boat ride to look for a Northern Goshawk nest. # is running logistic regressions and plotting odds ratios with confidence limits. # Listening to Swainson's Thrushes singing as the light fades away in a gentle drizzle. # Packing and cleaning in preparation for a short trip. # Hanging out in the … Read more

Trip to Silver Bay

I had heard a report of a Northern Goshawk nesting near the shoreline of Silver Bay past Herring Cove. Kent B. was interested in looking for it, so my kids and I went along with him to see if we could find it. No luck on the nest, but we did get a look at … Read more