Trip to Silver Bay

I had heard a report of a Northern Goshawk nesting near the shoreline of Silver Bay past Herring Cove. Kent B. was interested in looking for it, so my kids and I went along with him to see if we could find it. No luck on the nest, but we did get a look at … Read more

Baby Bear Lake

Located at in a saddle on Starrigavan Ridge at the transition between forest and subalpine meadow, Baby Bear Lake is a great place to visit on a warm sunny day. The snow-melt fed lake is pleasantly cool after the 2000 foot hike from the valley below, and the lakeshore meadow is just right for laying … Read more

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

going to the beach with the kids # compiling the spring bird report for Sitka (only a month late!) # Gathering materials for a caterpillar habitat. Connor and Rowan have found them on Elderberry and Alder so far today. # logistic regression; as usual, the hard part seems to be getting the data pulled into … Read more