Warm Temperatures

This afternoon the temperature started rising, increasing to over 50 degrees this evening. When I went out around 3, there was a bit of wind, and I found it interesting that the gusts were sometimes warm, sometimes cool. I guessed that a warmer air mass had moved in to the area, at first forming a layer on top of the cooler air, but gradually mixing as it was stirred by the wind.

At around 1am, the temperature at the house was 54, though I noticed it was only 48 according to the local weather reading (at the airport). Typically it is cooler at the house (and it had been earlier in the day). Over the next 20 minutes or so, the temperature dropped down to 48 at the house as well. I went outside to take a look and saw the stars. I am guessing the break in the clouds moved in from the west, with temperatures to dropping as it went.

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