WR: Night Eighteen

Another quiet night. I did pick up Pine Siskins this morning. They’re a common species most years, but they haven’t been around the neighborhood too much lately. This was the first time I heard them on one of these recordings.

Red Squirrel: I am not sure what, if anything, this type of vocalization means coming from a Red Squirrel. They can (and this one did, though I cut the clip short) go on for several minutes chattering away like this. Download Red Squirrel

Pine Siskins: One of the fairly distinctive elements to Pine Siskin vocalization is the zipper call. That call can be heard a couple of times in this clip. Download Pine Siskins

Mystery Calls: I am pretty sure these are from a Varied Thrush, but it’s not their typical sound.Download Mystery Calls

Winter Wren Singing: Although they are not singing as frequently or powerfully, the Winter Wrens are still occasionally belting out a stanza or two of song. I am not sure when/if the Winter Wrens stop singing completely for the winter.Download Winter Wren Singing

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