Daily Observations

I spent a couple of hours sitting in Marge and Tedin’s yard this morning hoping to get a chance at a photo of the Red Fox Sparrow they’ve had in their yard recently.

Weather: Overcast with light rain at various times today. Winds were calm.

Birds: Lots of Pine Siskins and Common Redpolls at Marge and Tedin’s. While I was there I also heard a Northern Flicker. There were two or three Song Sparrows, and a couple of our normal Fox Sparrows. I just got a very brief glimpse at what I think was the Red Fox Sparrow, but not enough to be sure. Among the numerous juncos were a few Slate-colored Dark-eyed Juncos as well.

I heard a Northern Flicker around our house this morning.

Lots of Scaups at Swan Lake, but I didn’t really stop to take a closer look.

Heard American Robins singing this morning along with Varied Thrush, and Song Sparrows.

This afternoon the gulls were pretty much absent from the Channel, but in the evening there were quite a few, as it appeared that SPC had started pumping some fish waste effluent. I did not notice anything unusual, in fact all I noticed specifically were Glaucous-winged Gulls and Thayer’s Gulls.

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