Daily Observations

Weather: It was cold and breezy today, especially out at Starrigavan, and somewhat at Silver Bay. The cliffs along the road to Herring Cove were iced up pretty good, and Granite Creek had a lot of ice in it as well. There was no significant ice in Indian River.
Birds: In Starrigavan the birds were all pretty close to the shore in the protected cove by the campground. Barrow’s Goldeneye were near the boat launch. There were some gulls on Swan Lake, but no Mallards. In the Channel there were Long-tailed Ducks, Scaups, and Gulls. There was a gathering of gulls of Pioneer Park, though it’s not clear why they were there.

Weather: It was overcast with a little sun in the morning and temperatures in the low 20s. There was a light breeze around the house, but based on the flags, it appeared to be breezier on Castle Hill.

Birds: Around the house I noticed Bohemian Waxwings, American Robins, Varied Thrushes, Song Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Starlings. I found a pile of feathers that I think are from a cat-killed junco. The feathers were bitten off rather than plucked.

The neighborhood birds were very active, especially the waxwings. I think there must have been at least 20 of them, but it was difficult to say since the moved around a great deal and did not stay in a cohesive flock.

Weather: It was clear and cool with clouds starting to move in this morning. There appeared to be snow over the Pyramids. Calm in the morning with a breeze in the afternoon. Granite Creek was very icy, but Starrigavan Creek and Indian River both appeared to be ice free.

Birds: At Starrigavan there was a lone Scoter, 20-30 Barrow’s Goldeneye, Mallards, and American Wigeon, Bufflehead, Scaups, and Common Mergansers.

In the Channel it was strange to see no Long-tailed Ducks. There were Scaups, a Pelagic Cormorant, and Common Merganers. At Alice Island there was a Loon. On the beach at HPR Rec were Crows and many Thayer’s Gulls and Mew Gulls.

There were Boheiman Waxwings in front of Fraser and around the house I saw juncos.

Other Notes: There was a Harbor Seal in Herring Cove

Weather: Clear and cold.
Birds: Around the house were Dark-eyed Juncos and Varied Thrushes

Weather: Clear and cold again

There were no birds at Swan Lake. Near McDonalds there were Mew, Glaucous-Winged, and Thayer’s Gulls, Bald Eagles, Mallards, a Cackling Goose (almost certainly the one that has been at Swan Lake), a Red-Breasted Merganser, and Common Mergansers.

I saw Bohemian Waxwings along Degroff Street this morning and on SJ Campus this afternoon. At the Park Street feeder there was a White-crowned Sparrow, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Pine Siskins. In the Channel there were gulls, Common Mergansers, Scaups, and 4 Long-tailed Ducks by ANB Harbor.

Weather: Quite a bit of snow fell overnight and this morning.

Birds: There were a few Mallards at Swan Lake. Out HPR at the kelp-bed turnaround, there was a gathering of birds just dispersing. There appeared to have been many Long-tailed Ducks, plus Pacific Loons, Gulls, and at least one Marbled Murrelet.

The berries in front of Fraser are now gone, presumably due to consumption by Bohemian Waxwings.

Weather: More snow
Birds: I heard Bohemian Waxwings outside briefly.

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