Daily Observations: Spruce and Geese

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This morning I stopped by Swan Lake with Rowan before dropping her off at preschool. While she was at preschool, I spent a little while outside around the house.

Weather: There were some heavy showers today. Winds were light.

Birds: There were 3 Northern Shovelers, two scaup (with at least one Greater Scaup), an American Coot, and the Cackling Goose at Swan Lake today.

While at the lake I also heard then saw a flock of geese flying south. When I took a look at the pictures at home, I realized they were Snow Geese.

I saw some juncos neare the elderberry just up the drive. They chipped at me as I walked up the street.

From the step I heard gulls down at Sage Beach. At one point I also heard some chittering of Black Turnstones (presumably, though there’s an outside chance they were Surfbirds, I suppose).

I also heard the Winter Wren. Both Connor and Melissa have seen the Winter Wren in the carport.

Other Notes: Some parts of the neighborhood spruces are turning yellow. I think I’ve noticed this happening before, though I do not know why they do it.

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