Daily Observations

Swimming off of Sage Rock

Yesterday evening and early this afternoon I went for short kayaking outings on Crescent Bay. Later in the afternoon, I went to Sage Beach with Jonathan, Connor and Rowan, and we did some wading and swimming (the kids had done some of that with Melissa earlier in the afternoon as well, when I had gone kayaking).

Weather: Yesterday was partly cloudy. In the evening (coincidentally, right around the time I went kayaking) there were some pretty heavy downpours. Today was sunny and very warm.

Birds: There were several Marbled Murrelets not far off the beach at the park yesterday. Today I saw a couple, but not as many.

While kayaking yesterday, I saw some shorebirds flying away from the park. There were some peeps and a couple of larger shorebirds, but I am not sure what species they were.

Other Notes: The pink salmon have congregated along the shore again. Perhaps a new wave of them has moved in.

On my little swim around Sage Rock, I found the water was actually warmer about 6 inches below the surface. I suspect that was due to the freshwater coming out of the hatchery being on the surface. As there is a fair bit of cold water flowing out, and freshwater is less dense than saltwater, so the surface stayed cool.

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