Daily Observations

Crane Fly

Yesterday my brother and I went down to Totem Park with Connor and Rowan. Later in the day, Melissa, Connor, Rowan, and I all went down to Lincoln Street beach so Connor could go fishing for Pink Salmon. Today I played frisbee for a couple of hours down on the quad.

Weather: Partly to mostly cloudy skies, though the clouds were primarily hanging out over the mountains again. Pretty good breezes with temperatures in the lower-60s.

Birds: As I suspected, the Hermit Thrushes were close to fledging. When we looked yesterday, they nest was empty.

There were gull tracks in the sand on Lincoln Street Beach.

Other Notes: The Pink Salmon were in pretty close to shore again. Schools of them were swimming from the Hatchery down to the large tidepools in the park. There were also lots of them at the mouth of Indian River.

I photographed some Crane Flies in the backyard. I also saw a few other insects, but didn’t get any decent pictures.

The clouds of insects that were down on the quad Thursday evening seemed to be much dissipated, though there were still enough that more than one person commented on getting a taste of a bug or two.

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