Daily Observations

Villous Cinquefoil

Today was the last day of activities for the semester. I spent most of the day in meetings, but was able to get out on a couple of brief outings. I went with Melissa, Connor and Rowan down to Sage Beach early this evening, then later in the evening I took a walk out on the beach at Totem Park.

Weather: It was mostly clear, but while down on Sage Beach a good sized cloud dropped some rain on us, though the sun was still shining.

Birds: I didn’t see many, but I did hear warblers around today.

On this evening’s walk, I saw a Golden-crowned Sparrow, Orange-crowned Warblers, many Savannah Sparrows, four Greater Scaup, several Western Sandpipers, several Dunlin, American Pipits, two Gadwall, 17 Northern Shovelers (all but a couple were male), Mallards, three or four American Wigeon, Gulls, three Semipalmated Plovers, a Great Blue Heron, Rufous Hummingbirds, and several Ravens were actively calling.

Flora: Things have greened up a bunch. Today was the first time I saw villous cinquefoil in bloom this year.

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