5 May Photos: Starrigavan

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I was walking the beach back toward the road on the bay side at Starrigavan when this Red-tailed Hawk (at least that’s what I think it is), flew up from the ground just inside the trees. I snapped a couple of photos while it was perched in a beach-side spruce tree looking at me. I managed a couple more when it took off. It flew over toward the estuary and then appeared to continue up valley and increasing elevation before I lost sight of it. I had noticed that it seemed to be dirty, and I was a little curious what it was doing on the ground, so I went and looked. There was a tent set up, though I assume no one was in it, and the ground nearby was disturbed. I presume it was the hawk’s doing, but I did not come up with any reasons that seemed like they would be plausible motivation for the bird’s scratching and digging.

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