Daily Observations

Humpback Whale and Baranof Island

This afternoon we went on an Allen Marine trip for a couple of hours. It was a little breezy, but there were plenty of whales out towards Vitskari.

Weather: Another day of clear and chilly conditions. Winds were a little stronger. There was a pretty good breeze coming out of Silver Bay, it looked like.

Birds: I saw a few birds while we were on the cruise, but I did not get too good of a look at any of them. I think I might have seen some White-winged Scoters, however.

Marine Mammals: There were quite a few whales out toward Vitskari. I got photos of at least 6 different whale tail flukes and I know there were at least a few more that I did not get photos of. Some of them were feeding quite close together.

Flora: It was interesting to see that there is a Mt. Ash tree along the Lincoln Street that still has most of its leaves, and they are green. Of course in the cold temperatures, they were dry and curled up a bit, but it seemed pretty late to have not lost leaves. I also noticed that many of the salmonberry plants along the hill had not dropped leaves before the cold. I wonder if the late spring kept the leaves from ‘wearing out’ and falling off as easily as they might ordinarily (or maybe this is typical and I just haven’t noticed before).

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