Indian River Trail to Old USGS Water Survey

[originally written in a paper journal, subsequently published on my older site. Current (2014) commentary in [italics] ]

Things are much more damp today after the rains of yesterday. I hiked up Indian River Trail, but not very far. I went through the muskeg from the bench to the old USGS water survey. I took a number of pictures of various birds [I did get photos of a Dark-eyed Junco, though I did not have any idea what it was called], but I doubt that any of them will turn out. It is difficult to get close enough, even with some magnification from the lens. There were a couple of different kinds of birds I do not remember seeing before. One was some sort of woodpecker [Hairy Woodpecker?] and the other was a small bird with an orange patch on its head [I have a memory of seeing kinglets on the trail, and I think it was probably from this hike – I don’t remember them clearly enough to use my much better current id skills to say for sure whether they were Ruby-crowned Kinglets or Golden-crowned, but I lean toward Ruby-crowned].

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