Indian River Road and Trail

[originally written in paper journal and subsequently published on my older site]

I am still a little tired from yesterday, so I decided to just go up the road behind the gravel pond off Indian River Road and then cut over to Indian River Trail. It must have been pretty dry here for the last few weeks because many of the muskeg puddles are pretty much dried out. Speaking of dried out, I did not drink enough water again yesterday. This is a bad habit I should break myself of soon. Based upon my consumption yesterday and how much I feel I was short, I estimate that on a good hike in sunny weather, 1 liter for every 3 hours is about right.

It is amazing how many little things there are that usually go unnoticed by me. Since I have become interested in taking pictures of flowers, I have taken more time to look closely at things. A while back I was thinking that there were probably not many ants in this area. That was definitely incorrect. Many ants seem to live in the muskeg. I am not sure how they avoid drowning. They do not appear to have hills in which they live, at least not of the type I have come to associate with ants.

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