Indian River Valley

I needed to replace an ibutton that had malfunctioned, and it seemed time to collected the trail cam for the season, so Connor, Rowan, and I took a trip up Indian River valley. The forecast was for heavy rain to start, but fortunately it held off, and we just got sprinkled on a little bit … Read more

Gavan Trail

Although I was not feeling especially motivated, the weather was still pretty decent, with partly cloudy skies giving way to overcast as the morning wore on, so I told Connor and Rowan that we would go up Gavan Trail to the junction with the upper cross trail. When I had last been up that way, … Read more

Indian River and some Snow

Temperatures warmed a bit today, reaching near freezing by late in the afternoon. There had been no snow accumulation overnight nor through much of the day, but by late this evening there was enough to cover the ground. Forecasts are calling for 1-3 inches overnight, so it will be interesting to see if that happens. … Read more

The Cross Trail

New and Old Cross Trail run side by side between Gavan Hill Trail and Yaw Drive Although I knew the Cross trail had been finished up to the Benchlands Road (which has one end at Kramer Avenue, I had never walked the newer sections of beyond Charteris Street, and I think perhaps summer 2007 was … Read more

Indian River Falls

After not visiting Indian River falls for at least a couple of years, I have managed to make it up there twice within a couple of weeks. Today I took Connor and Rowan up for their first visit to the falls. Connor has long been game to get up there, but Rowan has a certain … Read more

Indian River Trail

Today’s adventure was a walk up to Indian River falls with a friend. We hadn’t really planned to go much past the first bridge, but the day was pleasant (overcast and in the 40s, no wind in the valley at least) and it felt good to walk, so we kept on going and before long … Read more