Sitka Birds 2023 Calendar

In an effort to share more of the pictures that sit on my hard drive unseen by anyone but me, I’ve created a monthly calendar featuring some of my favorite bird photos from 2022.

This idea was conceived late in the season, and is a bit of an experiment for me. Rather than getting a bunch printed (which I might end up stuck with), I opted to go with an on-demand publisher. If you would like to have one and do not live in Sitka, you can order a copy on to be shipped to you.

If you live in Sitka and would like to save on the cost of shipping, you can pay for one here. I will order the calendars at one time and can reach out to each person who paid for one to arrange for pickup or delivery when they arrive (which is likely to be mid-January).

If you don’t want to purchase this calendar, but would be interested in something similar next year. Please let me know (leave a comment here, or email me at If there is interest, I’ll try to do something similar next year (and get a much earlier start on it!).

4 thoughts on “Sitka Birds 2023 Calendar”

  1. Thanks Elisabeth – Since you are in Sitka, it’s $25 (plus sales tax). Be sure to follow the link for folks in Sitka to avoid any shipping charges.

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