Polychaete Conversation

No photos today – it seemed to be getting frosty last night before I went to bed, but by the time I got up this morning, I didn’t see any frost. The forecast called for fog, and while I didn’t see any evidence of that near my house, it may have come in overnight and kept the temperatures moderated and prevented frost from occuring.

Despite the leisurely start to the day, it ended up being fairly full through the daylight hours, as I worked to catch up with some things I had not gotten done during the week, and then this afternoon met with Leslie Harris, a polychaete specialist who is visiting town. I recorded a conversation with her for my radio show tomorrow, and we ended up spending a fair amount of time beyond that looking at some videos she had of polychaetes in action, and chatting about various aspects of natural history.

By the time I was done, it was near dark, and I decided not to look for eelgrass limpets during the low tide in fading light, even though the actual water levels were trending about 1.5 feet lower than predicted.

I didn’t notice any significant wind, and at times the sun was shining brightly, though there seemed to be fairly persistent overcast out to the south and west, as well as occasional clouds hanging around elsewhere.

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