Overcast Before the Rain

I headed out to class at 8 this morning under uniform overcast skies. The cloud deck was high enough that none of the mountains were obscured, though an interesting pile of clouds was draped over Mt. Edgecumbe throughout the day. As far as I could tell, no rain fell in town throughout the day, though I’m curious if it was falling from the clouds over Mt. Edgecumbe and Kruzof. The radar has apparently been down (or at least its imagery is not getting out to the internet) all day, so I couldn’t use it to try and check. Winds were calm when I was out and about. As I write this, I can hear rain hitting the roof. It’s supposed to rain pretty hard later tonight and into tomorrow.

My primary outside time was a walk around Totem Park this afternoon, then a drive out the road this evening. I was interested to see a sea otter close to shore at the Sea Mart parking lot. I’ve seen them around there before, though a bit further off. This sea otter was diving down and getting food, but all I could see in the pictures was vegetation (algae and/or surf grass). I don’t think that’s what it was eating, but I’m not sure what it might have been.

(pictures to come)

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