Dropping Snow and Sun

When I checked the forecast this morning, it called for rain showers, mostly before noon. However, when I looked around outside, it seemed pretty nice. On my way to a walk around Totem Park, I noticed the snow levels had dropped to around 3000 feet. It’s the first time I remember noticing snow on the Arrowhead peak of Mt. Verstovia. From the park I could see there was also fresh snow on the top of Mt. Edgecumbe. One of the forecast showers was happening falling over by Kruzof Island, as I could see a partial rainbow over there. The day remained sunny in town (at least where I was), though I wouldn’t not be surprised if there were showers falling in the general area, as I noticed a couple of others around the mountains as I went to check out the sunset.

I did not expect to be able to check on the location of the setting sun again so soon, but weather and schedule cooperated to let me compare direction just two days apart. In those two days, the sun hadn’t moved too much further south, but it was noticeable. Another thing that was interesting about this sunset (that I will probably put together a separate post about) was the appearance of what I think may have been a bit of a green and/or blue flash.

It’s always a little bit difficult to decide which and how many of the rapid fire shots I take during the last moments of a sunset. In the end, I should probably just set up a tripod with a timer and do a time lapse sequence, as that better captures it in some ways anyway.

On an unrelated note, I heard a nuthatch at the park this morning. It’s my first of the fall (and maybe first of the year, I can’t remember if I observed one this spring).

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