Sit Spot Challenge Day 3

See Sit Spot Challenge at for more about the challenge.

Time of sit: 9:15-9:35pm

I didn’t get to sit until later this evening and once again sat on the front step. It was dark and quiet out, the winds of earlier today seemed to have died down, though an occasional puff from seemingly random directions. The flag I could see down at the museum was not receiving the same bits of wind that I was, despite being not that distant, so I’m guessing what wind I felt was more along the lines of eddies from a stronger more steady wind blowing further up.

I could hear the waves down on the beach, and noticed a sizable boat moving through Crescent Bay – at first I just heard the rumble of its engines, but eventually it passed into view. As it headed toward the Channel I could see gulls flying by it, illuminated by the startlingly bright set of lights the vessel had on.

The smell of yellow cedar was fairly strong through much of my sit. This was no doubt due to the yellow cedar bark Connor left laying on the porch near where I was sitting. About halfway through my sit, a light rain started to fall. I was a little surprised at the smell of rain on dry pavement that accompanied it. There is a bit of cement in front of the porch that is exposed to rain, but it wasn’t dry, and I do not remember noticing that smell around the neighborhood before).

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