Blue Lake

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  1. Good morning.

    My colleague Jim Pojar and I (and others) are putting together a guide to alpine plants, from southern Oregon latitudes to the Arctic, the Rockies to the Pacific. The book will be similar in format to some other books we’ve produced, such as “Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast” (

    We’d like permission to reproduce a few of Matt Goff’s beautiful plant photos in our book.If it’s Matt who receives this note, would you please send me an e-mail? If it’s someone else, would you please pass this along to Matt?



  2. Dear Matt,
    I saw the tracks of brown bear in your lists and wish to know if you will allow me to use the photo in a book on field tracks and signs. Of course photo contributions will be in your name. Sincerely,
    Shekhar Kolipaka

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