Daily Observations

I went for a relatively short outing today which included a stop by Moller Park and the Path of Hope.

Weather: Warmer and windy, with a little bit of rain. It was pretty windy with highs in the lower 40s. The snow was melting pretty fast.

Birds: I saw a few Black Turnstones on Sage Rock.

At the track at Moller Park there were lots of crows picking about the grass. Several Bald Eagles were in the trees by the Path of Hope. I think someone had put something out in their yard that was attracting them. At the feeder across from the Path of Hope I saw lots of Dark-eyed Juncos, but only a couple of Slate-colored birds. I also saw at least one White-crowned Sparrow and a second sparrow that was either a White-crowned (probable) or Golden-crowned Sparrow. There was a Fox Sparrow in the bushes near the parking for the Path of Hope.

Monday – Saturday:
I didn’t make it outside at all after Monday this week.

Weather: Temperatures stayed around freezing and precipitation altered between snow and rain.

Birds: I saw a couple of Varied Thrushes and Dark-eyed Juncos in our back yard on more than one occasion. Connor told me there was a Brown Creeper on the trees by our house on Saturday.

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