Daily Observations

Sandy Beach

Connor and I went a few places today to see what birds might have been blown in by recent stormy weather. We walked through the park then drove out to Starrigavan and looked around at a couple of other places along the way.

Weather: Wind and rain continued today, though I think it was not quite as rainy. Winds again seemed to be out of the west or southwest. Despite the wind and waves in town, out at Starrigavan it was quite calm.

Birds: There was a Harlequin Duck at Sage Rock. This is the first one I have seen in town this summer/fall.

The Greater White-fronted Geese were still at Swan Lake.

It was pretty quiet at Totem Park when we went down there. There were a few Black Turnstones and the Ruddy Turnstone was still down at the end of the park. The gulls were absent from the beach and river. I think many may have been soaring on the wind and I did see a few at Eagle Way Beach. There were Mallards in the estuary and I saw a few Warblers in the trees at the end of the park and one in the alders along the estuary. I did not get a good enough look at any of them to be comfortable identifying whether the bright ones were Yellow or Wilson’s Warblers.

The tide was still up and we did not see much out at Starrigavan either, though there was at least one Barn Swallow flying around.

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