Daily Observations

Sitka Alder

Another day spent mostly inside. This evening we went for a family walk along Westwood Trail and through the park.

Weather: It was overcast for most of the day, but late this afternoon a little breeze came up and the rain started fall. Temperatures made it into the low-50s.

Birds: The shovelers were still out in front of the visitor center at the park. I also saw a couple of Green-winged Teal near the mouth of Indian River.

Connor told me about some swallows flying around down on campus this afternoon.

Flora: Twistedstalk is getting close to flowering, but I did not notice any open blooms yet. Other plants I saw flower buds on included, Deerheart, Devil’s Club, and Single Delight.

I saw what I think must be the female flowers on a Sitka Alder today. It’s the first time I remember noticing them.

Other Notes: It was friendly slug weather this evening and Connor and Rowan, but especially Rowan, really seemed excited to point every last one they could notice. They noticed a lot of them.

Rowan wanted to look for a moth again where she found the last one. We looked, but did not see one this time.

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  1. Nice photo! I see we’ve used the same WordPress theme. You seem like you might be interested in being able to report your daily observations so they’d show up on a map. When our tools (at http://spire.umbc.edu/firefox/) are more user friendly, I’ll let you know and you might help us by testing them. Would love to get a stream of data from Alaska!

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