Daily Observations

Red Beetle

I took a walk around the beach at the park this morning, then later in the morning, into early afternoon, I went over to Japonski Island to look around at the ramp and by the airport.

Weather: Sunny skies prevailed through morning, but by mid afternoon, it was overcast with some wind.

Birds: I did not see anything unexpected at the park, there were a couple of geese that seem to have been hanging around lately, hummingbirds, Greater Yellowlegs, and Savannah Sparrows, as well.

There had been a report of a strange looking eagle on Saturday in the channel, so I went Sunday to see if it was there. There had apparently been 50 eagles or so Saturday, but Sunday I only saw one. There were hundreds of gulls feeding in the channel, however.

Over by the sandpiles near long-term parking for the airport, I walked along the edge of the large ditch separating this area from the road. A couple of snipe, possibly more, flushed out, though I never did get a good look at one on the ground. There were also dueling Fox Sparrows, and I am pretty sure I saw Song Sparrow active in the salmonberry bushes.

Other Notes: I saw my first red netwinged beetle of the year today at the park. Usually I see them in the forest, but this one was out at the upper edge of the beach among the drift logs.

There were horsetails coming up in the waste areas between the sandpiles and the lagoon. They’re the first I’ve seen this year.

There was a squirrel excavating a hole in a dead and rotting tree when I walked by. It stuck it’s head out to take a look at me, at one point.

There were so many amphipods hopping around on the beach at Totem Park that I could actually hear them.

Red Squirrel

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